Elektra indie-rockers "Finish Ticket" came together with new retail brand
"Flag & Anthem" for their Holiday 2016 campaign. we organized, shot and edited a private show for the band's super hometown fans that took place underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, hidden away within one of the bunkers in Battery Park. The show was cut to the band's single "Wrong" and was accompanied by a behind the scenes edit along with two social media trailers. Additionally, we oversaw all line production for the look book lifestyle shoot.  


Universal Republic contacted us when they needed a video for Owl City's single "My Everything" off "Mobile Orchestra". With a short lead time, we took to the Angeles National Forest to shoot a sincere and natural performance piece that effectively communicates the song's humble and earnest qualities. 


This video was an absolute blast. With only 48 hours to put the production following the green light, we rallied to assemble fans, extras, dancers, a location and crew to create this fun, viral piece. The aim was to reflect the candid and unpretentious social media (Vine, Instagram) style content that the KAM fans knew and loved. Shooting solely on GoPro cameras, we threw an impromptu house party that saw Kalin and Myles performing the song throughout. Originally intended to be an unofficial piece of "viral" content, the video has become their number one performer with close to 15 millions views!


Universal Republic were in need of additional content for Hailee Steinfeld's "Love Myself" breakout campaign. Having teamed up with Vevo Lift, we created a throwback style, "Fun Facts" video brought to you by Mcdonald's "Music Never Stops".



Capitol Records contacted us when they needed a lyric video for R&B sensation "Ne-Yo" featuring "Juicy J" for the single "She Knows". Combining sultry footage of female dancers with dynamic typography, this has become Ne-Yo's highest performing lyric video with close to 20 millions views!


Canadian rockers "Nickelback" were on the cusp of launching their "No Fixed Address" record when they decided to initiate a video campaign for three different singles ahead of its release. After telling us of their plans, we set about to create the first of three different videos starting with their song "Million Miles an Hour". This piece consists of state of the art, animated visuals and motion graphics that gave the song's psychedelic subject matter a futuristic twist. The band and team loved the visuals so much that they decided to include them in their set during their world tour.